Monday, July 21, 2008

Ride To Bidar !!!!!

I Know its Been a while since i have posted any of my Rides….But this one was always a much awaited get away needed and had to get on and ride the Highway …!!! But this time I wanted a day ride…coz out of the tight schedule I wanted to take time out for a ride.. That's when i saw on the Internet about Bidar , and it was only about 146km and a good option to ride .. and come back on the same day.. That's when i decided i had to get on this road no matter what, over the weekend. But I was still very tentative…hence called up Ram ( if u guys remember my good old friend since my childhood), told him wake me up early in the morning so that we could start early and make the most of the day …Well i slept late ..and by the time i woke up it was 8 in the morning….Got up and thought..ok! may be we will scrap the ride..and rather sleep coz i was really tired from all the erratic working hours during the week… and thought i should catch up with some more sleep instead..
Tried to go back to sleep…but couldn’t and the fact of being on the Highway was really tempting me..woke up ..with a Jolt..!!! Got ready and got to ram’s place to pick him up at 9am . I know we were late but it really didn’t matter much, we headed straight to the highway, on my way i realized the bike was struggling…and all of a sudden stopped and wouldn’t budge, we got off the bike to realize smoke coming off the rear tier and rubber burning… allot of things running through my head at that moment… thought it could have been a piston snap..or some thing els..just didn’t know what to do..besides we were 40km away from the city…then thought may be it was the brakes that got jammed for some reason..immediately loosened the brakes..and started the bike again..and moved slowly and realized it was getting better and then ..there was no stopping…

We took a new route to sangareddy which was through a village and it was so much fun..stopping over at a lake..interacting with the villagers..all of a sudden i forgot from where we were coming..the chaos was all left behind…. and we stopped by every where to play with our respective shutterbugs..and then reached zaheerabad around 1pm.. and stopped by near a level crossing , where there was a Corn seller ..we grabbed our Mukka butta’s and sat on the railway tracks to eat them , realized there was a train speeding up at off the tracks and took some snaps..and then got on ..and reached Bidar at 2pm…and headed straight to the gurudwara..It was so peaceful there..and we were on time for the langar. ate 3 parathas and some rajma was really the best meal i have had after a long time ..felt so much satisfying after a long ride!!!After the Awesome meal it was time for some sight seeing…so we head straight ot the fort..on the way to the Fort was the ancient Islamic university..called the was so majestic the pain on the monument was still so prominent..and gives u a sense of what it would have looked like during those times..we both were imagining the whole city how it would have been like during those times..while we went through the Huge gates of the fort to enter the older part of the bidar town.. we Finlay got to the for…it was all ruins..all around us..the best part was we saw students studying thr sitting in those old ruin buildings..must be so peaceful and such a good feeling during the evening hours.. We went ballistic with our shutter bugs clicking pictures in all angles..and every thing we saw was a potential subject ready to take them as precious moments back home…we felt like we concurred the Bidar Fort…and we were the kings for the day !!!
Its an awesome feeling especially when you ride like there is no vagabonds…i really like the lines ” Where Ever I Lay My Head is HOME !” ….
We went on to the Tower where there was this Huge Cannon..Big enough to make an adult sit in there and Blow him away…It was so Huge…i wonder how they managed to put it up there…

By then it was getting late and almost time for sundown ..and it started we quickly packed up our the bag..and went to a fuel station filled up some fuel and started to head back home ..this time ram was riding the bike …and we sped past every thing and all that we had in our mind was to head back while were getting to zaheerabad..ram got a call from his friends asking him to join them at 10 downing street and he asked me if i was game i said off course..wouldn’t be a better way to end a ride with a drink ;)

So we Headed and Hit the Highway….at an average of 90 and 100kmph!!!! It was an easy ride..and this time after sangaready we wanted to take the same village road to avoid traffic ..but that was a bad idea coz the roads weren’t the best and it was already dark..and wouldn’t be we went back to NH9.. and By the time we reached it was 10 and we stopped straight at 10 downing street the club..and got in with slush all over least i was worst dressed for a Saturday club night….quickly went to the washroom and cleaned off..but well couldn’t do much for torn dirty jeans..and a T’shirt filled with dirt..but still managed to get in .. and a few drinks down..neither of us cared about our clothes ;) what a way to end the day with an awesome ride some Good pulsating music…by midnight we packed up from there and headed straight home..
I dropped off ram..and went home and crashed in bed… being in bed so so comfortable..and peaceful… and i slept like i didn’t know what had hit me..!!!!!
Woke up fresh the next day…and realized i still had the same dirty clothes on..from last night ;)

Until next time!!
Ride Safe !

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Get away to Srisailam..

It was a while since i went on a get away..was allways avoiding as i was caught up with zillion comitments..and was raring to Get on and Get away....

I spoke to Ram my only friend since 2nd class, dont know how i managed not to loose contact with him though..But anyway , we just descided a day

before...besides i had enough of the Hyderabad summers and had to Get away and Reclaim my life......I belive you can Only feel Freedom on two wheels with the Wind on your face...Especialy whn you own a T'bird , i'm shure u know what i mean by Living your wild side..!! ;)

A day before i had planned got some Oil for the gearbox and the Oil sump..filled e'm up and always had a feeling of insecurity coz my bike needed a service , the engine had a slugish feeling , but when i have to Hit the road i really have to....

Woke up @ 5am on the 8th June 07 got ready and went over to Rams place to pick him up ..he had got a few cans of Red bull. I knew we wud need some to beat the stress.. ;)

Filled up the Tank with Gas and Hit the Road @ 7 ....

It was a smooth ride until i realised after about 70 odd km i had oil all over typres ..oil..oil.. every whr.. Stoped by to check and it was the connecting pipe from the oil quickly cut out the part that was leaking and fixed the other end to it checked for any air locks in the pipe , but luckily none ....HIT the road agagin and then on it was No stoping ...we were hitting a steady speeed of 90 and 100 kmph..Wind on my Face and i had forgotten all my Problems mind was blank ...absolutely no thoughts no strings pulling out of my was Just the wind talking ......N' the weather was about 12 pm..we stoped over at dindi near the dam and had some idlis to eat and later within no time Hit the ghat body on the road except for a few ferocious monkeys looking to grab any eatables that they could find..

1:30pm we were at srisailam..the only disapoint ment , no water the gates to the dam were closed as well ....

But the ride was wat we had relished..we got to the Hotel later then had a fullfilling Lunch..

We visited the main temple - the Brahmarambha Mallikarjuna Swamy temple.

Then Hit the sack. and didnt knw wat hit me , by the time i woke up it was our plan to start back early was all over.... finished our lunch and by the time we started our journey back it was 3..and on our way down the ghat road Ram wanted to go boating , i cudnt say no But had to give in and more over the clouds were starting to gather up and look mean and i knew it was going to be a tough ride in Bad wether ...But thn I was living for the moment and Went Jumped in to the river.. ;)

We went rite in to the river stream on our round boats was fun the overcast and the winds were pushing our boats and gently mother nature was rowing us

to the shore.. Besides it was a good idea to stop by at patal they like to call it ..

then we started our journey back to hyderabad it was 5:30.... and on our way it was thrilling the winds were blowing us of the road..and thunder in the

skyes..and at one time i thought we were lucky coz the tree beside us was struck by that high Jolt of Lightning and fell down to the ground..

It started to poor down like cats and Dogs...Brilliant i never thought it wud be my frst showers of Monsoon in the middle of No where...

we had to stop by coz the weather had got'n really bad..but it was'nt for Loong and started to roll again.

Glad there wasnt much trafic on the road ..and didnt have to dodge the volvos and the truks at night and after a Loong Tough Slushy ride we finaly entered Hyderabad at 10:30 and were back to civilization and saw motorists trying to over take each other though array roots and cut across the road like they did have a care in the world....thats when it thought ..Wer back to Our Hyderabad.. later stoped by at paradise andate two biryanis each.. We were Famished !!! It was a great feeling ....A Feeling When a MAN GETS Exactly What he Desires...WOW....Its Bin a while

Since i had that Feeling.. :)

later droped off ram at his place and got home by 1 am ..It was one hell of a ride ...not to mention i was still Buzz'ng , took me a while to get over the long ride..

Cheers N' Ride Safe...